GSA Disposes of Excess and Surplus Property

GSA promotes effective use of federal real property assets, as well as the disposal of real property that is no longer critical to federal agencies. If a federal agency no longer needs a piece of property, it’s considered excess. GSA first offers excess property to other federal agencies. If another federal agency needs it, the property can be transferred. If no federal agency needs it, the property becomes surplus and may be made available for other uses through a public benefit conveyance. The property may also be transferred for homeless use, or negotiated sales for public use or public sales based on our determination of the property’s highest and best use.

Properties for sale by the federal government can be found on property disposal websites, through regional offices and mass media. GSA publishes public property sales information at

GSA also sells surplus personal property – from autoobiles, boats and computer equipment to furniture, fire trucks and photographic equipment. Information on government sales and auctions of personal property can be found at or

In fiscal year 2008, the Office of Real Property Disposal was instrumental in disposing of 13 GSA properties valued at $58.5 million. These disposals provided revenues of $56 million for the Federal Buildings Fund. An additional 235 properties valued at $192.2 million were disposed of for other federal agencies.

Since FY 2002, GSA has reported as excess 305 underutilized assets, removing 14.5 million rentable square feet from the inventory and resulting in a $626.9 million saving.

Last Reviewed 2015-05-20