Recovery Solutions: Effective Management of Your Buildings and Facilities

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One of the main goals of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009 is to modernize our nation's infrastructure.

This vast infrastructure includes:

  • Federal structures and managed communities;
  • Military facilities;
  • Borders stations;
  • Ports of entry and barracks;
  • Federal buildings;
  • Courthouses;
  • Prisons;
  • Air traffic control centers;
  • Research facilities;
  • Hospitals;
  • Medical facilities;
  • Health facilities;
  • Family housing;
  • Child development centers;
  • Indian reservations;
  • National parks;
  • Wildlife refuges; and
  • Fish hatcheries.

From metering, energy audits and building inspections to grounds keeping, logistics operations support and security and materials, tools, equipment and supplies, GSA can help your agency fulfill ARRA requirements with lower costs and greater efficiency. You can turn to GSA's Multiple Award Schedules for a wide variety of solutions to meet various facilities management requirements.

The following solutions are immediately available to help your agency meet pending infrastructure development need.

Access a full range of commercial products and services covering areas such as buildings and building materials, industrial services and supplies.

Solutions include: 

  • Power distribution equipment;
  • Generators;
  • Batteries;
  • Warehouse equipment and supplies;
  • Air and water purification equipment;
  • Sewer treatment equipment;
  • Maintenance and repair shop equipment with related environmental products;
  • Above-ground storage tanks/systems;
  • Fuel-dispensing units and fuel management systems;
  • Pre-engineered/prefabricated buildings and structures;
  • Building materials;
  • Solar energy systems;
  • Energy-saving lighting products; and 
  • Specialty lighting and ancillary repair and alterations. 

For more information, reference GSA Schedule 56 or contact Donna Peck at (817) 850-8289 or

Expand your agency’s capabilities to meet building construction requirements under ARRA by accessing commercial construction, design and management experts. Solutions include:

  • Project design phase services;
  • Project procurement phase services;
  • Project construction phase services;
  • Commissioning services;
  • Testing services;
  • Claims services; and 
  • Post-construction services. 

For more information, reference GSA Schedule 871 or contact Felicia Cannon at (253) 931-7083 or

Obtain all the services necessary to maintain and manage your agency’s facility, including:

  • Electrical and utility repair;
  • Elevator inspection;
  • Elevator maintenance;
  • Facilities maintenance and management;
  • Fire alarm maintenance;
  • Fire suppression system maintenance;
  • Grounds maintenance;
  • HVAC maintenance and repair;
  • Pest control; and 
  • Preparation and painting of aircraft, ships and equipment. 

For more information, reference GSA Schedule 03FAC or contact Tim Benoit at (816) 926-5548 or

Access a full range of cleaning equipment, accessories and products to meet your agency’s daily and ongoing Requirements. Solutions include:

  • Chemicals and chemical products;
  • Cleaning equipment and accessories;
  • Cleaning chemicals and sorbents;
  • Janitorial supplies;
  • Toiletries;
  • Personal care items;
  • Linens; lodging and hospitality supplies and services;
  • Hospitality wear;
  • Food service equipment;
  • Supplies and services;
  • Recycling collection containers; and
  • Waste receptacles. 

For more information, reference GSA Schedule 73 or contact Donna Peck at (817) 850-8289 or

Get a complete solution to your agency’s furniture and furnishings needs to meet your daily and ongoing requirements. Solutions include:

  • Furniture management services;
  • Office, imaging and document solutions;
  • Professional audio/video;
  • Telecommunications and security solutions;
  • Office furniture;
  • Household and quarters furniture;
  • Packaged furniture;
  • Special-use furniture;
  • Security furniture;
  • Floor coverings;
  • Furnishings; and
  • Sports, promotional, outdoor, recreation, trophies and signs.

For more information, reference Schedules 36, 58 I, 71-I, 71-II, 71-II-H, 71-II-K, 71-III, 71-III-E, 72-I-A and 72-II or contact Deana Hudgens at (703) 605-2804 or

Obtain comprehensive marine solutions including (but not limited to) dry docking services, dockside maintenance and repair services and paints, sealants and adhesives. Solutions include:

  • Floating dry docks;
  • Graving dry docks; 
  • Marine railways;
  • Vertical lifts;
  • Travel lifts;
  • Cranes;
  • Deck covering systems;
  • Welding processes;
  • Temporary hull access;
  • Electrical and HVAC systems;
  • Auxiliary machinery systems;
  • Shipboard ventilation systems;
  • Electrical rotating machines;
  • Generators and motors;
  • Propulsion systems and tank; and
  • Void inspection, testing, repair and maintenance.

For more information, reference GSA Schedule 03FAC or contact the Center for Facilities Maintenance and Hardware Marketing Team at (816) 926-6760 or

Access expert contractors who can perform an array of engineering services in areas including mechanical, electrical, chemical and (components of) civil engineering, as well as numerous sub-disciplines such as aerospace, nuclear, bioengineering, and marine architecture. Solutions include:

  • Strategic planning for technology programs/activities;
  • Concept development and requirements analysis;
  • System design, engineering and integration;
  • Test and evaluation;
  • Integrated logistics support;
  • Acquisition Life cycle management; and
  • Construction management.

For more information, reference GSA Schedule 871 or contact Felicia Cannon at (253) 931-7083 or

Get a full range of commercial products, technologies and services to help your agency save lives and accomplish your mission under ARRA. Solutions include:

  • General purpose and specialized laboratory equipment and furniture;
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles;
  • Measurement and testing equipment; and
  • Laboratory test and analysis services.

For more information, reference GSA Schedule 66 or contact Michael McDaniel at (817) 850-8134 or

Obtain a broad range of commercial products, technologies and services to support your agency’s mission to protect our national interests. Solutions include:

  • Security system management;
  • Design and support services;
  • Marine craft and waterfront security products and services;
  • Alarm and signal systems;
  • Facility management services;
  • Professional security/facility management services;
  • Guard services;
  • Firefighting and rescue equipment;
  • Law enforcement and security equipment supplies and services;
  • Marine craft and equipment; and
  • Special-purpose clothing.

For more information, reference GSA Schedule 84 or contact Kellie Stoker at (817) 850-8203 or

Get the latest hardware items to help your agency maintain your offices and buildings. Choose from the industry's most trusted companies and both small and large businesses to select the vendor solutions that best meet your improvement requirements and needs. Solutions include:

  • Commercial coatings, adhesives, sealants and lubricants;
  • Industrial-quality hand tools and equipment;
  • Industrial machinery;
  • Lawn and garden equipment;
  • Office and household appliances; and
  • Leasing and rental ancillary services and accessories.

For more information, reference GSA Schedule 51 V or contact Tim Benoit at (816) 926-5548 or


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