Educational Resources (Facilities Solutions)

GSA’s educational resources may be used for general background training, to build a base of knowledge in a new subject area, and for agencies to streamline the use of GSA offerings. These resources are provided in various formats.

GSA offers training so that you will learn how to effectively use the Schedules program to meet your requirements, use our tools to enhance competition, achieve small business utilization, procure sustainable acquisitions and much more. Take advantage of our Schedules training.

Customers can conduct a keyword search or browse publications by areas of interest at GSA's Centralized Mailing List Service (CMLS). To order, view and download free PDFs of publications, such as:

Additional Reference
GSA will soon be attaching files, including Statements of Work (SOWs) on language and other work products that will be useful to the facilities product and service solutions community. These attachments can be used as a reference or as work-saving tools.


Last Reviewed 2015-10-01