Solicitation (Schedule 58 I)

The Solicitation for Schedule 58 I - Professional Audio/Video Telemetry/Tracking, Recording/Reproducing and Signal Data Solutions (Solicitation Number 3FNG-RG-020001-B) was refreshed on December 23, 2014, and is available only through FedBizOpps.

A copy of Solicitation 3FNG-RG-020001-B is available to download for vendors wishing to join this program.

The easiest way to view a schedule's latest solicitation is the following:

  • Go to GSA eLibrary.
  • Go to "Quick Search" in the top right corner.
  • Choose your desired Schedule and select "Go".
  • You are now on the Schedule overview page in eLibrary. At the top of this page select the button that states: "Vendors Click here to view the current solicitation on FedBizOpps".

Image of button for Solicitation on FedBizOpps

  • You will now be taken to the latest Schedule solicitation on FedBizOps.

For those interested in submitting electronically, please visit the eOffer and follow the instructions found therein.


Last Reviewed 2015-09-02