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51 V Hardware SuperStore - Solicitation

The Solicitation for Schedule 51 V Hardware SuperStore (Solicitation Number 6FEC-E6-060173-B) is refreshed every six months or so and is available for viewing through FedBizOpps.

The easiest way to view a Schedule's latest solicitation is by going to the GSA eLibrary. On the top right of the homepage, there is a "Quick Schedule" select box.

select schedule dropdown on GSA eLibrary

Next select your desired Schedule and click "Go". You are now on the Schedule overview page in eLibrary. At the top of this page click the button that states "Vendors Click here to view the current solicitation on FedBizOpps".

button on eLibrary that takes you to the latest schedule solicitation

This link will take you directly to the latest 51V Schedule solicitation on FedBizOps. 


If you are vendor who is considering submitting an offer, you can view and download all the documents via the eOffer. All offers must be submitted electronically using the eOffer system.  For more information about completing an offer, please visit our 51 V Hardware SuperStore Vendor Information for MAS Contract page.


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