Kyle Pitsor Disclosure Form

Date and Time of Contact: Name of the Employee(s) Contacted: Brief description of the contact:
7/13/09 (Date of Letter) Paul Prouty
Acting Administrator

David Drabkin
Acting Chief Acquisition Officer

Anthony Costa
Acting Commissioner

cc: Charles Matta
Federal Buildings and Modernizations, PBS Kevin Kampschroer
Acting Director
Office of Federal High-Performance Green Buildings, PBS

Mr. Kyle Pitsor is writing on behalf of NEMA manufacturers of electronic ballasts for fluorescent lighting to request a waiver of the Buy American Requirements for Construction Material under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009 on the dual bases of nonavailability and public interest.
Name of the Employee(s) who prepared this form: Date:
Matthew Watt 7/17/09
Registered Lobbyist(s) Name: Title: Firm or Organization, if applicable: Client:
Kyle Pitsor Vice President, Government Relations Vice President, Government Relations NEMA is the largest trade association representing the interests of U.S. electrical industry and medical imaging equipment manufacturers.
Last Reviewed 2010-10-12