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The questions below were completed by the agency and provide an overview of their permanent change of station (PCS) services. To learn more about the business and technology side of their PCS services, please see the additional links at the bottom of the page.

Question:  Describe your RRC and discuss how it improves the PCS experience for Federal travelers and relocation managers.

The Administrative Resource Center (ARC) is an office within the Bureau of the Fiscal Service operating under Treasury's franchise fund authority. ARC provides end-to-end relocation services to 29 Federal customers. By taking advantage of cost sharing and economies of scale, ARC delivers an effective and efficient solution to better position our customers to focus on their core missions. ARC employees are customer focused and strive to make each relocation a pleasant experience during what can be a very stressful time for the employee and their family.

Question:  In general terms, discuss the range of services offered to customer agencies by your RRC.  What do you consider unique, that makes your organization stand out from the others?  What does your solution do best?

ARC offers end-to-end relocation services for both domestic and international moves.  Once ARC receives the request for relocation, we assign an in-house relocation coordinator to each relocating employee.  Our coordinators counsel the employee and serve in an advocate role during the entire process. We provide a customized web page with fill able forms and other information to assist your employees during their relocation experience.  We manage the entire process including the processing of all vouchers and the withholding, payment, and reporting of Federal and State payroll taxes.

Our expertise includes the FTR, JFTR (e.g. Commissioned Corps), DSSR, FAM, and specific legislation (e.g. Personal Service Contractors, Fellowships, etc.).  ARC has very low turnover which translates into a higher level of service for our customers. We also have staff that attained the designations of “Certified Relocation Professionals” (CRP) and “Global Mobility Specialist” (GMS) as evidenced by passing extensive examinations through the World Wide Employee Relocation Council (WWERC).

We implemented moveLINQ, a relocation management system developed by mLINQS, LLC, in 2004.  To improve efficiency and payment timeliness, moveLINQ is integrated with our core financial system, Oracle Federal Financials which allows for payment within a few days after approval.  We have four system environments (integration, acceptance, production, and contingency) to ensure security, stability, training, and continuity of operations.  Our contingency servers are located off-site and the database is replicated on a real time basis.  We monitor our systems and processes on a continuous basis to eliminate duplicative and unnecessary steps.  We offer reports from both moveLINQ and Oracle to meet our customer needs.

We ensure system integrity by an annual Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE) #16 (formerly SAS 70) performed on our internal controls.

Question:  List any partners and/or agencies that assist you in providing your RRC services.

Carrier selection - we use GSA's Transportation Management Services Solution (TMSS) system under the CHAMP program to select the best value carrier with the protections provided by GSA's Household goods Tender of Service.

Home sale services - we use a BPA to obtain services under GSA Schedule 48 and minimally customize GSA's Statement of Work when appropriate. Our current vendors are Brookfield Relocation for the guaranteed home sale process, and TRC for property management.

Airline Reservations - we can use the customer's TMC or our vendor, SATO Travel.

Systems - We use moveLINQ, a product of mLINQS, LLC., for relocation processing and detail tracking and the Oracle Federal Financial System as our core financial management system.

Question:  Briefly describe how you monitor/measure the performance of your RRC.

ARC identifies key performance measures in our customer agreements that we monitor in our systems.  On a daily basis, we monitor the status of these metrics using system reports at a transaction level.  We report summary results to our customers on a quarterly basis. We also provide an on-line survey form to the employee to request feedback on our services.  Survey responses are e-mailed to a controlled email box.

Question:  In implementing your RRC, how do you verify that the Federal Travel Regulation (41 CFR Chapters 300 through 304) is followed?

The system we use to process relocations, moveLINQ, is designed to be an FTR compliant system.  ARC tests the system and all enhancements to ensure compliance with applicable Federal travel regulations.  In addition, all vouchers processed through moveLINQ are reviewed by a second ARC employee to ensure compliance.  When regulatory questions arise, our first step is to internally research the issue and check for case decisions by the Civilian Board of Contracting Appeals (CBCA).  If the CBCA does not have any cases on the issue, we elevate the issue to GSA's Office of Government-wide Policy for an interpretation.

Question 4 : Do you consider your RRC services an end-to-end solution?

Response: Yes

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