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For information about Exhibit 54, download the attached documents below.  The videos below will refer to these documents.

Exhibit 54

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Exhibit 54 Guidelines  Powerpoint  1.46 MB  
Blank Shell Exhibit 54  Excel  224K  
Exhibit 54 Contact List  Word  25K  


Exhibit 54: GSA IC Worksheet

Summary of all Rentable Square Footage, Base Rent Estimate and Anticipated Space Changes


Exhibit 54: Tab #2

Sheet used to capture any incorrect billing, only if you have submitted an official chargeback/dispute form to GSA.


Exhibit 54: Tabs #3,4,5,6

Sheet used to annotate adjustments to anticipated space changes.


Exhibit 54:Tab #7- Sum Tab

Summarizes data from previous tabs and allows an opportunity to incorporate funding to GSA from other sources.

Last Reviewed 2015-07-14