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Ordering resources

Name Format Size Publish date
Networx Fair Opportunity and Statement of Work Guide
Instructions for federal agencies on selecting a Networx industry partner under the fair opportunity process and ordering.
PDF 269KB 09/03/2015
Networx Best Practices: Creating A Statement of Work
Sample outline for federal agencies showing the required data elements in a statement of work, along with practical suggestions.
PDF 81KB 05/15/2008
Networx Service Level Agreement Management Guide
Information for federal agencies on managing the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) created when using Networx contracts.
PDF 669KB 09/03/2015

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Designated Agency Representative (DAR) guidance

Name Format Size Publish date
Designated Agency Representative (DAR) Guidelines
Guidance for federal agencies on establishing titles, roles, and responsibilities for telecommunications services ordering officials.
Word 107KB 09/03/2015
Handbook for Fair Opportunity (FO) Notifications and Designated Agency Representatives (DAR) PDF 291KB 09/03/2015
Networx Designated Agency Representative Appointment Template Excel 26KB 09/03/2015

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Fair opportunity award status

Name Format Size Publish date
Summary of Fair Opportunity Decisions Made on Networx Contracts as of December 11, 2013
Lists the fair opportunity decisions awarded to each Networx Universal and Networx Enterprise industry partner as reported to GSA.
PDF 426KB 03/04/2014

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Contract modifications

Name Format Size Publish date
Networx Contract Modification Guide
Information for industry partners and GSA personnel on modifying Networx Universal and Enterprise.
PDF 7,593KB 10/12/2007

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Statement of work status

Name Format Size Publish date
Networx SOW Status Report as of October 1, 2015
Overview of GSA and agency progress in satisfying agency SOW requirements
Excel 94KB 10/05/2015

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Agency and unit pricer resources

Name Format Size Publish date
Networx Agency Pricer Token Procedures
Describes how to get a Networx Agency Pricer Token.
Word 65KB 08/23/2013
Agreement to Protect Sensitive but Unclassified Government Information
Outlines the agreement to protect sensitive but unclassified government information.
Word 46KB 07/10/2014
Nondisclosure Agreement and Conflict of Interest Form
For government and industry partner personnel.
Word 36KB 07/10/2014
Corporate Nondisclosure Form Word 27KB 08/23/2013
List of Agency Users Excel 62KB 02/10/2012
Networx Unit Pricer Briefing 
Describes the process to compare unit prices across vendors.
PowerPoint 1.8KB 11/17/2010
Contractor NHC Designated User Form 
For industry partners requesting additional users.
PDF 11KB 03/05/2008
Contractor NHC IP Address and Certificate Form 
For industry partners requesting additional users.
PDF 9KB 03/05/2008
Networx Pricers 
Brochure explaining the Networx pricer tools, which help agencies make informed decisions on their telecommunications procurements.
PDF 257KB 03/10/2010

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Verification testing resources

Name Format Size Publish date
Networx OSS Verification Testing Test Plan Guidance   PDF 388KB 10/19/2007 
Networx OSS Verification Testing Usage Records Formats PDF 83KB 03/23/2007
Networx OSS Verification Testing Mechanized Order Formats   PDF   581KB  03/23/2007  
Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT)
Networx RFP Section 508, C.6.2 Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT)
Word   100KB   06/02/2010

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Network Services programs lessons learned

Name Format Size Publish date
Network Services Programs Lessons Learned Overview PDF 1.66KB 09/27/2012
Network Services Programs Lessons Learned Report PDF 1.83KB 07/02/2012

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