Alliant Ordering Guide and Document Library

Ordering guide

The Alliant ordering guide defines roles and responsibilities for its ordering process and provides helpful instructions.

When using any interagency contract, your agency's internal ordering process takes precedence. If you are the issuing agency's ordering contracting officer, it is your responsibility to know of agency-specific policies for issuing orders on contract vehicles.

For Department of Defense (DoD) customers: For specific questions related to DoD’s authority to use interagency contracts such as Alliant, please contact the Defense Procurement Acquisition Policy (DPAP) at or (703) 695-8571.

Name Format Size
Alliant Ordering Guide
A guide for ordering and administering task orders under the Alliant GWAC.

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The contract contains technical information regarding pricing, order types, the definition of information technology, roles and responsibilities, and applicable parts of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR).

Name Format Size
Alliant Conformed Contract PDF 894KB
Alliant Contract Access Fee Cap Memo
A memo explaining the contract access fee cap — $150,000 per year per order for orders in excess of $20 million per year.

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These templates can help you request and issue a task order through Alliant.

Name Format Size
A - Cover Letter to Task Order Request Word 57KB
B - Task Order Request    
B1 - Task Order Request - Cost Word 90KB
B2 - Task Order Request - Fixed Price Word 85KB
B3 - Task Order Request - Time and Materials Word 85KB
C - Statement of Work    
C1 - Performance Based Statement of Work - Template Word 80KB
D - CLIN Structure    
     D1 - CLIN Structure - Cost Word 41KB
     D2 - CLIN Structure - Fixed Price Word 103KB
     D3 - CLIN Structure - Time & Materials Word 43KB
E - Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan Word 103KB
F - Notification to Successful Offeror Word 50KB
G - Notification to Unsuccessful Offerors Word 51KB
H - FPDS Format PDF 774KB
I - COTR Designation Word 53KB
J - Post Award Orientation & Conference Letter Word 36KB
K - Authorization to Use Schedule Letter Word 52KB
L - Modification for Task Order Closeout Word 82KB

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Sample Statements of Work (SOWs)

These SOWs are categorized according to the Federal Enterprise Architecture’s IT component description. They are redacted examples of IT solutions accomplished under Alliant.

Please note that these sample SOWs are for informational purposes only—please do not use them as templates for future Alliant task orders.

Sample Type Format Size
Application Services PDF 191KB
Application Services and Component Framework PDF 130KB
Application Services: Customer Services PDF 151KB
Application Services: E-mail Cloud PDF 47KB
Application Services: Enterprise Cloud PDF 46KB
IT Management Services: IT Security PDF 165KB
Managed Mobility Service PDF 1808KB
Planning and Resource Allocation: Enterprise Architecture PDF 152KB
Service Access and Delivery and Service Interface and Integration: Software Development PDF 137KB
Service Platform and Infrastructure PDF 210KB
Service Platform and Infrastructure: IT Services PDF 391KB
Service Platform and Infrastructure: System and Database Architecture PDF 192KB
Service Platform, Infrastructure, Service Interface and Integration PDF 210KB
Software Application and Web-Based Service Interface PDF 712KB
Software Service Platform and Infrastructure - Business Management Services PDF 368KB

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Frequently asked questions

Name Format Size
Alliant Frequently Asked Questions
Information about Alliant's scope, order administration, customer support, and training.
Word 118KB
Brief Overview of the Alliant GWAC PDF 323KB

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Marketing materials

You can order additional brochures through the CMLS system by using the keyword search.

Name Format Size
Technology Solutions for Your Mission Requirements: Alliant PDF 9,368KB
Guide to GSA Technology Contracts PDF 1,680KB

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