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Approval Requirements and General Information for Freight TSPs

How to Become a GSA approved Freight TSP

Transportation Service Providers (TSPs) that would like to become a GSA approved Freight TSP must complete an approval application packet, submit the completed packet to the Freight Management Branch, and be approved to participate in the Freight Management Branch’s freight program. 

Upon review and approval by the Freight Management Branch, a TSP will be eligible to submit rate offers for the shipment of freight during identified open window filing periods. TSPs will also be eligible to provide one-time-only (OTO)/SPOT shipment quotations, when they are requested by federal agencies or other eligible organizations.

For TSP Approvals, email

Name Format Size Publish Date
How to become a GSA Approved TSP PPT 4MB 07/31/2014
GSA Freight TSP Approval Instructions Word 16K 07/31/2014
Trading Partner Agreement Word 29K 07/31/2014
Carrier Cert Statement PDF 39K 07/31/2014
GSA Transportation Carrier Letter of Intent Word 22K 07/31/2014
GSA Freight Info Web Links Word 12K 07/31/2014

General TSP Information

The program’s foundation is GSA’s Standard Tender of Services (STOS), which establishes a uniform basis for buying freight transportation. Participation in the general program is open to any Transportation Service Provider (TSP) meeting those approval requirements.

Approved fright TSPs are required to adhere to all terms and conditions set forth in the STOS. The STOS also contains the Freight TSP Approval Requirements found in the corresponding document below.

See the listing of approved TSPs, brokers, freight forwarders, shipper agents, and inter modal marketing companies who are industry participants, approved by GSA to participate in its Freight Management Program. For each participant, the Standard Carrier Alpha Code is listed first, then its name.

For TSP Monthly Reports, email

Name Format Size Publish Date
Freight Transportation Service Providers PDF 265K 11/1/2013
TSP Rate Filing Instructions PDF 1.89MB 5/23/2013
TSP Monthly Report Form Excel 24K 7/28/2015

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