Customer Satisfaction Index - Archives

The Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) Archives provide a history of yearly CSIs that reflect the performance metrics used by the relocating employee, and the agency's transportation officer or traffic manager. it evaluates the Transportation Service Provider (TSP) participating in GSA's Centralized Household Goods Traffic Management Program. 

View the most current CSI Indexes at Customer Satisfaction Index - Current and Proposed.

Name Format Size
2013 Domestic and International CSI PDF 88K
2012 Domestic CSI PDF 136K
2012 International CSI PDF 121K
2011 Domestic CSI PDF 219K
2011 International CSI PDF 155K
2010 Domestic CSI PDF 45K
2010 International CSI PDF 27K
2009 Domestic and International CSI Excel 21K
2008 Domestic and International CSI Excel 50K
Last Reviewed 2015-08-11