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Total Delivery Services

Total Delivery Services offers expedited international express delivery services through multiple award contracts managed by the Department of Defense (DoD). The acquisition strategy for the international delivery service is a "best value" service for purchasing commercial services from express carriers.

DoD's goal is to leverage the government business base to provide the best rates and services for their customers. DoD is a mandatory user of this service.

For federal agencies that want to use the international segment of the TDS contracts and cannot log onto the TDS web page, we have developed a three step process to provide you with a copy of the TDS Rate Calculators and other required information.

  1. Send your request via email to
  2. We will in-turn, send you a copy of a Non-Disclosure Certificate. This is required as a legal measure to ensure that these rates are not disclosed to any unauthorized person.
  3. The TDS files will be emailed to you via the safe file transfer website after receipt of the signed Non-Disclosure Certificate.

Federal civilian agencies may also use these international services at low government rates by following the sign up instructions in the Total Delivery Services Setup Document featured at the bottom of this page.

The contract offers:

  • Choice of five contractors;
  • International segment: Delivery of packages up to 300 lbs to and from the Continental United States to international locations as well as between international locations;
  • Expedited customs clearance processing;
  • General commodities and limited hazardous materials;
  • Package tracking/proof of delivery;
  • Liability coverage available;
  • Time-definite door-to-door pickup and delivery; and
  • Prices lower than commercial rates.
Name Format Size Publish Date
Total Delivery Services Briefing for Civilian Agencies PPT 355K 10/01/2014
Total Delivery Services Account Setup Document Word 19K 10/01/2014



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