MAS Modification Instructions

This page provides contract modification instructions and related documents for this specific schedule. For technical instruction on usinig the eMod system, please use the link to the right to access the Modification Help Center.

The Integrated Facilities Management & Industrial Products Solution Center (IFMIPS), manages contracts for MAS Schedules 51V, and 03FAC, Heartland Global Supply, Strategic Sourcing(or Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative) for Building Maintenance and Operations (BMO) and  Maintenance Repair and Operations (MRO).

Industry partners are encouraged to submit questions and suggestions for these programs to

Specific guidance on how to modify a 51V or 03FAC contract with the Facilities Maintenance and Hardware Acquisition Center is listed below.

Name Format Size
03FAC Modification Guidelines PDF 520 KB
51V Modification Guidelines DOC 83 KB
51V Mod Guidelines - Enclosures 3-8 (Excel files) ZIP 55 KB
Guidelines for Exercising an Option PDF 89 KB
Guidelines for Novation Agreement PDF 83 KB


Last Reviewed 2016-10-25