Construction, Road and Snow Maintenance Equipment

GSA Schedule 23V

This is the answer to many construction equipment needs, whether what's needed is a backhoe, a snowplow, or street repair equipment. In addition to purchasing, there is an option to lease several items under GSA Schedule 23V.

Government agencies can order through GSAAdvantage!® or place orders directly with the vendors.

Special Item Number 271 101 - Construction Equipment:

  • Tractors;
  • Loaders;
  • Excavators;
  • Crawlers;
  • Tool carriers;
  • Motor graders;
  • Scrapers;
  • Load alls;
  • Rider operated dump vehicles;
  • Rider operated ditchers/trenchers; and
  • Wheeled and tracked cranes.

Special Item Number 271 102 - Vehicle Mounted Snow Maintenance Equipment: limited to Snowplows, salt/sand spreaders, and snow blowers.

Special Item Number 271 103 - Winches and Cranes, vehicle mounted.

Special Item Number 271 104 - Road Clearing and Cleaning Equipment: limited to rider-operated sweepers/scrubbers, self-contained snowplows, snow blowers, and runway de-icing trucks, trailers, and slide-in units.

Special Item Number 271 105 - Wood chipping/Shredders, Stump Removal and Tub Grinding Equipment.

Special Item Number 271 106 - Street Repair and Miscellaneous Construction Equipment.

Special Item Number 271 107 - Equipment: leasing only applicable to special item numbers 271-101, 271-104, 271-105, and 271-106.

Special Item Number 271 108 - Spare parts and equipment: For sedans, light, medium and heavy duty trucks.

Special Item Number 272 101 - Construction Equipment Attachments.

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