Open Government FOIA

This information about how GSA handles Freedom of Information Act requests helps promote participation, collaboration and transparency about the agency's processes as part of President Barack Obama’s Open Government Initiative.

How to Make a Request for Information

All FOIA requests for the GSA must be sent to the mailing address or, alternatively, to the email address shown below:

U.S. General Services Administration
FOIA Requester Service Center (H1C)
1800 F. Street, NW, Room 7308
Washington, DC 20405-0001
Fax:  (202) 501-2727

When we receive requests for information, our Freedom of Information Act staff members analyze and send them to the appropriate contact for a quick and thorough response. Our staff carefully assesses inquiries and works closely with you to define the scope of information needed. After determining the nature of the request, FOIA staff coordinates with the best points of contact to develop quick, accurate and thorough responses.

Exceptions: There are cases when we are exempt from providing the requested information. Examples of information that may be withheld include:

  • Technical designs
  • Research data
  • Resumes of company employees
  • Internal operating procedures and staffing patterns
  • Overhead and operating costs
  • Quality control system information
  • Unsuccessful bids (protected by a federal statute)
  • Pricing costs (Some pricing is released)

Note:  When you make a FOIA request, you must describe the records that you want as clearly and specifically as possible.  If the agency cannot identify and locate records that you have requested with a reasonable amount of effort, it will not be able to assist you.  While agencies strive to handle all FOIA requests in a customer-friendly fashion, the FOIA does not require them to do research for you, analyze data, answer written questions, or in any other way create records in order to respond to a request.

How GSA Supports FOIA

We have full-time Freedom of Information Act staff members located in our Headquarters Building at the address above.  GSA’s FOIA team receives oversight and guidance from the U.S. Department of Justice and supports transparency through the publication of the annual FOIA report on

Anticipated Reforms

Our FOIA staff continues to explore ways to improve operations and better serve the needs of citizens. The staff is considering innovative technologies to help quickly and effectively post content to, leading to increased transparency and accessibility of key agency information.

FOIA Requested Records and Documents

Last Reviewed 2016-05-05