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NCR Preservation Note Series

The Historic Preservation Note Series are a series of technical briefs prepared by the GSA NCR Historic Preservation staff as a resource on preservation project design, contracting, construction and historic management issues.

Doc ID Name Format Size Publish Date
45 Air Sampling (Aspirating) Fire Detection Systems Word 37k  
44 Natural Light in Historic Buildings Word 32k  
43 Restoring and Maintaining Terrazzo Flooring Word 52k  
42 Administrative Guide for Placing Competency of Bidder Clauses in Construction Contracts Word 89k  
41 Submitting Antenna Projects for External Review Word 115k  
40 Post Construction Contract Services in Historic Preservation Team Member Contracts Word 25k  
39 Historic Preservation Cultural Resource Websites Word 109k  
38 Building Zones Word 47k  
37 Security Cameras: Selecting and Installing Word 32k  
36 Wood Refinishing Word 25k  
35 Restoring and Maintaining Stone Flooring Word 57k  
34 Fire Safety Retrofitting Policy and Related Historic Preservation Standards Word 38k  
32 Mortar and Sealant: Where to Use Which Word 23k  
32 Detailing Suspended Ceilings to Maintain Window View Word 23k  
31 Labeled Doors for Historic Buildings Word 26k  
30 Duct Installation in Historic Buildings Word 28k  
29 Index of Specification on File: Grouped by CSI Division Word 24k  
28 Index of Specification on File: Grouped by Building Word 77k  
27 Historic Preservation Program Glossary Word 33k  
26 Salvage of Architectural Artifacts Word 25k  
25 Scratches in Limestone Word 23k  
24 Reference Books Word 33k  
23 Design Review Agencies Word 36k  
22 Meeting Fire Rated Corridor Separation Requirement for Special Use Office Space Word 36k  
21 Removal of Bird Repellent Gel from Masonry Word 46k  
20 Sprinkler Systems: Design Guidelines for Historic Buildings Word 30k  
19 Plain and Decorative Paint Restoration Word 31k  
18 Ornamental Ironwork Restoration Word 21k  
17 Leaded Glass Repair Word 21k  
16 Window Blinds Word 19k  
15 Bronze Hardware Replication Word 26k  
14 Installation of Window Air Conditioning Units Word 32k  
13 Preservation Functions: Construction Phase Word 24k  
11 Identifying Historic Paint Colors Word 52k  
10 Fire Alarm Installation Word 25k  
09 Preservation Requirements for Scopes of Work Word 41k  
08 Accessibility for Disabled Persons: Building Hardware Word 24k  
07 Bird Deterrent Systems Word 36k  
06 Interior Storm Windows Word 28k  
05 On Site Bronze Refinishing Word 28k  
04 Bronze Finishes Word 24k  
02 Reproducing Historic Paint Colors Word 23k  
01 Use of Power Tools for Mortar Removal Masonry Restoration and Cleaning Word 25k  

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