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Energy Division Library


Doc ID Name Format Size Publish Date
  Regional Energy Coordinators Word 28k  

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Doc ID Name Format Size Publish Date
  ECOE Project DB Checklist and User Guide Word 544k 9/30/2006
  ECOE Project Database User's Guide Word 546k 9/30/2006
  Energy and Water Project Plan Word 82k 2/13/2008
  GSA Implementation Plan - Presidential Directive to Reduce Energy and Fuel Consumption by Federal Agencies PDF 74k 12/6/2005
  GSA's National Security Guidance for Federal Agencies and Federal Building Operators PDF 8090k  
  Power Alerts and Energy Curtailment Desk Guide PDF 1543k  
  Reporting Guidance for FY 2007 Annual Report on Federal Government Energy Management PDF 737k 10/9/2007
  Water Management Guide This handbook explains the new water-conservation requirements. PDF 3745k  

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Doc ID Name Format Size Publish Date
  Sample Subcontracting Plan Word 73k  
  Small Business Subcontracting Program Announcements      

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Doc ID Name Format Size Publish Date
  Utility Areawide Contract Listing      
  Procurement Guide for Public Utility Services PDF 4.05MB 8/2015
  Utility Areawide Guide PDF 1.67MB 8/2015
  Procuring Energy Management Services with the GSA Areawide Contract PDF 6.14MB 8/2015

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Doc ID Name Format Size Publish Date
  Standard Format For Annual Utility Service Review Word 27684k 5/17/2012
  Formats for Utility Service Specifications Word 48640k 5/17/2012

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