Relocation Handbooks

GSA, working with the interagency Executive Relocation Steering Committee, has developed two handbooks and a glossary to explain policies and practices that apply to relocating federal civilian employees.

The Handbook for Relocating Federal Employees [PDF, 475k] is targeted at the employee and his/her family, whether they are moving for the first time or have been relocated many times.

The Relocation Policy Guide for Federal Civilian Agencies [PDF, 230k] is targeted at relocation managers in federal agencies.

The Glossary of Acronyms and Terms for Federal Civilian Relocation [PDF, 257k], as the title suggests, provides definitions of acronyms and terms used in the other two handbooks and in the portion of the Federal Travel Regulation (FTR 302) that applies to relocation.

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Last Reviewed 2015-06-16