Travel Manager Excellence Team

The Travel Manager Excellence Team is made up of government travel managers who have responsibility for travel programs and policy at their agencies. 

The purpose of the team is to:

  • Address major travel management issues;
  • Identify and share best practices and business processes;
  • Advance professionalism of travel management;
  • Drive standardization of travel management practices;
  • Recommend, establish and update governmentwide travel performance metrics;
  • Continuously develop a culture of travel management excellence;
  • Consolidate and modernize travel management at agency level and governmentwide;
  • Improve travel communication to provide better end user satisfaction; and,
  • Serve as a communication channel to the larger travel community.

The Travel Manager Excellence Team was established at the direction of the GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) Director of Travel and Transportation Services. 

Who can participate
Participation in the team is open to senior travel managers who represent government agencies. Contact the GSA Center for Travel Management team to learn more at

Last Reviewed 2015-05-05