Hardware SuperStore - Schedule 51V

GSA's Hardware SuperStore has the latest hardware items to help you maintain your units, offices, and buildings. Choose from the industries' most trusted companies, both small and large businesses, to select the vendor solutions that best meet your improvement requirements and needs. 

GSA Schedule 51V offers customers:

  • The flexibility of choice;
  • Full range of commercial sources offering quality products, accessories and services; and
  • Directly purchase hardware products with related services such as:
    • Tools;
    • Appliances;
    • Lawn and garden equipment;
    • Paints;
    • Sealants; and 
    • Adhesives.

GSA customers can purchase or lease hardware products such as:

These types of hardware store products along with many others can be procured directly from GSA Advantage!®, GSA’s online transactional website. In addition, visitors can research this Multiple Award Schedule (MAS), Schedule 51 V, on GSA eLibrary.

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for answers to common questions on Schedule 51 V - Hardware Superstore.

For assistance or additional information, please contact the Center for Facilities Maintenance and Hardware at (816) 926-6760, or via email at hssmarketing@gsa.gov.

The variety of offerings include:


Schedule 51 V


Appliance Department

SIN Number SIN Name
639 001 Domestic Appliance
639 002 Export Appliance

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Commercial Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants and Lubricants

SIN Number SIN Name
834 100 Commercial Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants & Related Services
834 500 Stains, Varnishes, Sealers, Shellacs, Lacquers, & Related Services
834 600 Coating Removers, & Related Services
834 700 Coating Applicators
834 900 Lubricants, Petroleum, Waxes

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Hardware Store Department

SIN Number SIN Name
105 001 Hardware, Home Improvement, or MRO Store Front
105 002 Hardware, Home Improvement, or MRO Catalog
105 003 Hardware, Home Improvement, or MRO Services

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Industrial Machinery Department

SIN Number SIN Name
577 001 Woodworking Machinery, Equipment & Related Services
577 002 Maintenance of Industrial Machinery & Related Services
577 005 Metalwork Machinery, Equipment & Related Services

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Lawn and Garden Department

SIN Number SIN Name
341 100 Lawn & Garden Equipment, Machinery, Implements, & Nursery Products
341 500 Animal Deterrents
341 800 Lawn & Garden Tools

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Leasing and Rental Department

SIN Number SIN Name
515 001 Equipment Leasing
515 002 Equipment Rental

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Tool Department

SIN Number SIN Name
550 001 Tools – Powered
600 001 Tool Boxes, Tool Cabinets, Tool Chests & Tool Holders
612 209 Tool Kits
613 001 Tools – Non Powered

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Other Services

SIN Number SIN Name
051 200 Accessories

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The shortcut to this page is www.gsa.gov/hardwaresuperstore.

Last Reviewed 2015-10-13