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Environmental Products Overview

Smarter Solutions for a Better Environment

GSA offers a variety of environmental products and services to its federal customers to assist them in their efforts to comply with procurement responsibilities outlined in federal environmental laws and regulations.

These products are categorized as follow:

GSA also offers EPEAT qualified electronic office equipment.

The 2014 GSA Global Supply Environmental Products Catalog has been released and is available for download in Acrobat PDF format. Registered users of GSA's Centralized Mailing List Service (CMLS) can have the printed version delivered directly.

Environmental products can be viewed and purchased from the GSAAdvantage!® and GSA Global Supply online purchasing systems. To narrow a product search to a designated environmental attribute, customers are strongly encouraged to use the ‘Advanced Search’ feature in both systems.

The Environmental Specialty Category allows federal buyers with direct access to a variety of products that have attributes that are less detrimental to the environment. Customers are encouraged to purchase products designated for preferred procurement. For some products, vendors denote whether the product meets the specifications and determine which symbols to display. GSA contracting specialists do quality assurance checks. If there is a question about a particular designation, customers should contact the Schedule vendor for confirmation prior to placing an order.

In addition to products, GSA offers environmental and energy management services that help customer agencies meet federal environmental, health, and safety regulations. The Environmental Services Schedule covers environmental planning, compliance, occupational training, waste management, and recycling and reclamation services. The Facilities Maintenance and Management Schedule includes energy management program support and energy audit related services.

GSA also publishes an annual environmental edition of MarkeTips — a marketing publication directed to users of the GSA supply system—that highlights green products and services.

Vendors who are interested in selling products and services to the federal government should contact the Multiple Awards Schedule (MAS) Help Desk to obtain information.

Think Green. Buy Green Products from GSA.

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