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Logistics Worldwide (LOGWORLD) - Schedule 874 V

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The Logistics Worldwide (LOGWORLD) Multiple Award Schedule 874 V assists federal agencies in procuring comprehensive logistics solutions. Services include the following areas that permit the deployment of supplies, equipment, materials and associated personnel:

  • Planning acquisition and management of logistics system; 
  • Providing expert advice, assistance, guidance, management; and
  • Providing operational support services.

Additionally, training is provided in the following areas:

  • System operations;
  • Automated tools for supply; 
  • Value chain management;
  • Property and inventory management; 
  • Distribution and transportation management; and
  • Maintenance of equipment and facilities supporting these activities. 

Turnkey or total solutions are available in support of logistics functions and minor repair and alteration services, supplementary to existing SINs under this Schedule.

Variety of offerings includes:

SIN Number SIN Name
874 501 Supply & Value Chain Management Services
NAICS 541614
874 5031 Distribution & Transportation Logistics Services
NAICS 541614
874 504 Deployment Logistic Services
NAICS 541614
874 505 Logistics Training Services
NAICS 541614
874 5062 Support Products
NAICS 541614
874 5073 Operations & Maintenance Logistics Management and Support Services
NAICS 561210
874 5974 Ancillary Repair and Alteration
NAICS 541614

1 Note: Commercial passenger airline services covered by the Airline City Pair Program and courier services covered by Schedule 48, Transportation, Delivery and Relocation Solutions are excluded.

2 Note: Contractors may provide ancillary products used only in direct support of services provided under Special Items Number (SIN)s 874-501, 874-503, 874-504, 874-505 and 874-507. Any licensing fee/agreements required for Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) hardware and software will be negotiated at the task order level.

3 Note: Refer to Schedule 03FAC, Facilities Maintenance and Hardware, (SINs) 811 002, Complete Facilities Maintenance 811 003, Complete Facilities Management, for separate SIN requirements NOT part of a logistics management and support.

4 Note: This SIN EXCLUDES: (1) major or new construction of buildings, roads, parking lots and other facilities; (2) complex R&A of entire facilities or significant portions of facilities, and (3) Architect-Engineering Services subject to Public Law 92-582 (Brooks Act).


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