Federal Mail Best Practice Awards

Our Federal Mail Best Practice Awards Ceremony will honor Federal mail managers, teams, and employees. The Federal Mail Best Practice Awards are grouped as:

Federal Mail Manager/Team of the Year Award: Recognizes the mail manager and team who successfully improved mail centers.  Improvements include innovations, policies, sustainability solutions and practices, implemented cost-effective measures and reduced costs, improved efficiency and effectiveness of their mail operations, and improved customer service.

Submissions will be accepted from January 18 - March 31, 2016.

Criteria to Address:

  • Provide issue(s) being addressed. 
  • Describe improved efficiencies and effectiveness from old way of doing things. 
  • Data showing how changes benefit agency/mail center(s) and collection methodology. 
  • Describe changes/improvements to resources, human behavior, customer service, etc. 
  • Any expenses incurred in implementing the improved business practice and anticipated return on investment (ROI) – are changes expected to continue yearly? 

Judges Panel: Approximately 3 – 5 judges from the Federal and Mailing Industry will review all submissions based on innovation, cost savings, and/or sustainability.  Panel will start to review all submissions in April 2016.

Best Practice Presentation: The winners will be asked to make a presentation explaining their accomplishments at the annual Mail Education Forum.  In FY16, this is taking place on June 9th at GSA, 1800 F Street, Washington DC 20405.

Awards Ceremony: The Awards Ceremony will be located at GSA, 1800 F Street, Washington DC 20405 anticipated in September 2016. Winners will be notified electronically by May 2016. Agency representatives and family members will be invited to the ceremony (as space allows).


  •  Announce Best Practices Award Program – January 31, 2016
  •  Select Judges - February 2016
  • Submissions Received – January thru March 31, 2016
  • Judges Review – April 2016
  • Winners Notified – May 2016
  • Mail Forum Presentation – June 9, 2016
  • Awards Ceremony – September 2016 (anticipated)
Last Reviewed 2016-03-30