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Federal Personal Property Policies

GSA develops and promotes personal property management policies and regulations for the effective and efficient stewardship of federal personal property assets.  This includes guidance on: 

Types of property

  • IT property
  • Sensitive property
  • Capitalized assets
  • Special categories


  • Inventory
  • Reporting lost, stolen, and damaged property
  • Loan of property
  • Gifts


  • Reuse of excess, donated property
  • Purchase of new property to the office


  • Excess
  • Donation
  • Surplus
  • Computers for Learning (CFL)
  • International donation or transfer
  • Transfer to state or local government
  • Abandonment and destruction
  • Sale
  • Reports


  • Purchase of government property for personal use
  • Taking home government property for personal use
  • Purchase of agency property by its employees

Positions in the office of personal property

  • Accountable property officer - roles and responsibilities
  • Property custodian - roles and responsibilities

Training and certifications