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Language Services - Schedule 738 II

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The Language Services Schedule 738 II provides federal agencies with a streamlined acquisition vehicle that offers shorter lead-times, lower administrative costs and flexibility while retaining control of your own procurement. 

Translation and interpretation services are available in a vast number of  languages. Experienced and knowledgeable contractors are able to provide various degrees of support - from basic transcribing to advance analytical consulting. Sign language and training are also offered.

The Language Services Schedule 738 II is detailed in the table below by SIN Number and Name.

SIN Number SIN Name
382 1 Translation Services
382 2 Interpretation Services
382 3 Training and Educational Materials
382 4 Comprehensive Linguistic Analytical Support Services (CLASS)
382 5 Services for the Visual and Hearing Impaired
382 99 New Item Technology

Special Conditions of Use:

Medical transcription is not included.

Use Schedule 738 II to:

  • Translate sensitive documents and other materials;
  • Acquire interpreters to facilitate communications within theater of operations;
  • Provide language training to deploying personnel; and
  • Maintain and advance the language proficiency levels of personnel.

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