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Environmental Services - Schedule 899

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Environmental Services Schedule 899 is a one-stop shop for industry experts providing support to federal agencies. Services under this Schedule are designed to support agencies in meeting their environmental requirements and streamline the contracting process by providing a faster, more cost efficient means to meet environment requirements.

A wide variety of services and tasks can be procured through Schedule 899 from industry experts who are qualified to offer support for:

  • Strengthening federal environmental management goals in Electronics Stewardship;
  • Environmental management systems;
  • Pollution prevention, cleanup and restoration;
  • HAZMAT; and,
  • Training awareness and more.

Reduce your agency's environmental footprint and meet agency goals through the services available on this Schedule.

Note: Please see our Certified Contractors for Environmental Services Schedule 899 [Excel,  13KB] for SIN 5 - Materials and Waste, Recycling & Disposal Services.

Variety of offerings include:

Schedule 899
SIN Number SIN Name
899 1 Environmental Consulting Services  NAICS 541620
899 3 Environmental Training Services NAICS 541620
899 5 Materials and Waste, Recycling & Disposal Services NAICS 562920, 562112
899 7 Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Services NAICS 541620
899 8 Remediation and Reclamation Services NAICS 562910, 541380
899 10 Ancillary Supplies and/or Services
899 99 New Technology

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