Office of Small Business Utilization

"The mission of GSA is to deliver the best value in real estate, acquisition, and technology services to government and the American people."

GSA Mission Statement

GSA's Mission icon -- storefront with awning -- representing its Small Business Mission

The Office of Small Business Utilization (OSBU) in GSA is just one of many placed in Federal Agencies by Congress “…to promote the maximum practicable use of all designated small business categories within the Federal Acquisition process…” These advocates report to the head of their agency on the success of this partnership. GSA’s OSBU is comprised of 3 main functions:

  • Policy
  • Inreach, and
  • Outreach

Policy: this side of OSBU works closely with the Office of Government Policy to be a voice for small businesses when rules, regulations and of course, policy changes and initiatives could harm small businesses.

Inreach: Our Inreach office is focused on goal measurement and managing data collection, internal process improvements like the forecast and subcontracting, as well as training our internal customers and marketing the benefit of working with small businesses

Outreach: Our Outreach and customer care efforts continually seek creative ways to improve the small business experience with GSA, including:

  • Finding creative new ways to educate vendors
  • Sponsoring and delivering business development events
  • Providing free counseling and more...

For small businesses, we have six major areas of focus:

Prime Small Business Development

  • Focus on Small Business Goal Categories where GSA is not exceeding
  • Focus on GSA’s Industry purchasing needs
  • Hosting Quarterly Events around the Forecast and Business to Government Matchmaking
  • Attending mission critical events
  • Increased Mentors for small businesses through our Mentor Protégé Program
  • Acquisition Workforce Survey Feedback to help businesses meet expectations

Subcontracting Small Business Development

  • Increased Protégés in needed industries for interested Mentors
  • Hosting quarterly event with Business to Business Matchmaking
  • Attending mission critical events related to topic

Mentor Protégé Program Development

  • Mentor Development
  • Protégé Development
  • Timely Program Oversight
  • Process Improvement (Approvals, tracking etc.)

GSA Small Business Goal Achievement

  • Monitor quarterly achievement
  • Drive engagement to specific achievement
  • Collaborate with Inreach

Other Agency Small Business Goal Achievement through GSA

  • Market GSA Programs
  • Market GSA Small Business Success Stories
  • Collaborate with other organizations in GSA
  • Host Annual Small Business Training Event for buyers

All Outreach and Customer Care Program Return on Investment (ROI)

  • Small Business Feedback
  • Acquisition Staff Feedback
  • Collaboration Groups Feedback
  • Outreach and Customer Care Team Feedback

To better market small business capabilities, we collaborate with many internal and external groups throughout the country who contribute to our success. We partner with many GSA partners in the following business lines:

  • Federal Acquisition Service
  • Public Buildings Service

OSBU also works closely with agencies outside GSA, such as Small Business Coalitions and other small business Advocacy Groups like the Procurement Technical Assistance Centers. These groups, located across the country, contribute to OSBU’s success.

This is just a snapshot of our vision to contribute to the hard work of bringing small businesses to the forefront as a source of success for our agency buyers.


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