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Background and History


The mission of GSA is to deliver the best value in real estate, acquisition, and technology services to government and the American people.


GSA oversees the business of the U.S. federal government. GSA’s acquisition solutions supply federal purchasers with cost-effective high-quality products and services from commercial vendors. GSA provides workplaces for federal employees, and oversees the preservation of historic federal properties. Its policies covering travel, property and management practices promote efficient government operations.


GSA helps keep the nation safe by providing tools, equipment, and non-tactical vehicles to the U.S. military, and providing state and local governments with law enforcement equipment, firefighting and rescue equipment, and disaster recovery products and services.

GSA provides direct access to a wide range of government services, as well as consumer protection information through the official Web portals of the federal government, and GSA's USA Services provides a one-stop source for information about federal government programs and services and provides consumer information on money management, scams, federal benefits, identity theft, government auctions, health, housing, and jobs.


As Administrator of the U.S. General Services Administration, Denise Turner Roth, serves a vital role in President Obama's agenda to freeze the federal footprint, rebuild our nation’s infrastructure, and develop technology that will help government work more efficiently to serve the American people. (Read full bio)


GSA delivers products, services, and policies to its federal customers through the Federal Acquisition Service (FAS), the Public Buildings Service (PBS), 12 Staff Offices, and the independent Office of the Inspector General and Civilian Board of Contract Appeals. GSA interacts directly with customers through 11 Regional Offices  and the Central Office in Washington D.C.


GSA was established by President Harry Truman on July 1, 1949, to streamline the administrative work of the federal government.  GSA consolidated the National Archives Establishment, the Federal Works Agency and its Public Buildings Administration, the Bureau of Federal Supply and the Office of Contract Settlement, and the War Assets Administration into one federal agency tasked with administering supplies and providing workplaces for federal employees. (Read more)


Only one percent of GSA’s total budget is provided through direct congressional appropriations. The majority of GSA's operating costs are recovered through the products and services it provides.


Location: 1800 F St, NW, Washington, DC 20405
Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

GSA Values
  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Teamwork
GSA Quick Facts
  • 11,495: Number of full-time employees (June 2014)
    $23.9 billion: Budget (fiscal year 2008)
    $500 billion: Amount of federal assets managed by GSA
    9,600: Number of federally owned or leased buildings managed by GSA
    205,000: Number of vehicles owned or leased by GSA
    471: Number of historic properties preserved by GSA
    99: Percentage of budget paid for through services provided by GSA
    1: Percentage of budget paid for by congressional appropriations
GSA Web Sites

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