Reimbursable Services Program

The centerpiece of the Reimbursable Services Program is the Reimbursable Work Authorization (RWA) Form 2957.[PDF - 396 KB] This form provides written documentation of a formal agreement between GSA and a customer whereby GSA agrees to provide goods and/or services and the customer agrees to reimburse GSA’s direct and indirect costs.

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National Policy Document for RWAs

This document disseminates the RWA National Policy Document, in its entirety, with the goal of promoting clear and consistent understanding of the Reimbursable Services Program and governing policies.

 National Policy Document for Reimbursable Work Authorizations [PDF - 2,574 KB] January 2016

eRETA - External RWA Entry & Tracking Application

This is a customer portal for RWA information integrated with the financial system providing users real-time access to RWA project and financial information.

For instructions on obtaining access to eRETA, visit eRETA RWA Customer Portal site.

RWA Questions?

For questions about the RWA Program, Process, or Policy please contact us at and we would be more than happy to provide further assistance!  

For region or project specific RWA questions, please use the RWA Managers Map [PDF - 246 KB] or list [PDF - 108 KB] to contact the appropriate PBS RWA Manager.

Last Reviewed 2016-08-01