GSA Leadership Directory

Office of the Administrator

Picture of Denise Turner Roth
Denise Turner Roth
(202) 501-0800
Picture of Adam Neufeld
Deputy Administrator
Adam Neufeld
(202) 501-0800
Photo of Katy Kale
Chief of Staff
Katy Kale
(202) 501-0800
Photo of Nate Denny
Deputy Chief of Staff
Nate Denny
(202) 501-0800

National Services

Independent Offices

Photo of Carol Ochoa
Office of Inspector General
Carol F. Ochoa
(202) 501-0450

Under the Office of the Administrator

Picture of Jolene Lester
White House Liaison
Jolene Lester
(202) 501-0800

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* Denotes Acting
Last Reviewed 2016-06-06