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Usability Resources

DigitalGov User Experience Program (formerly First Fridays)

The DigitalGov User Experience Program helps make federal digital products easier to use for their customers. It has helped more than 100 products focus their content on what users actually want, and has worked with NASA, IRS, the U.S. Army and many other agencies. The program focuses primarily on training in usability and User Experience, but also provides presentations, User Experience services and runs a Usability Community of Practice. Sponsored by GSA.

What's Usability?

Usability is a measure of the quality of a customer's experience when using a system such as a website, software application, or mobile app, or a product such as a car or piece of furniture. Delivering customer-friendly products are key to a good customer experience. and

These websites provide guidance and resources to help you create websites that are usable, useful, and accessible. is maintained by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), and is managed by  the General Services Administration (GSA).

DigitalGov University

Attend affordable training in web design and usability best practices to improve your government websites and applications. These webinars and courses are open to government and nongovernment employees. Sponsored by GSA.

Government Web Design and Usability Guidelines, 2nd Edition

Use these research-based usability and web design guidelines to make design decisions based on the current and best available evidence. Developed by the Health and Human Services with GSA support.

Common Industry Standard for Usability Requirements (CISU-R)

Use this standard to help define usability requirements for your web and software design projects. The standard provides specifications for context of use; usability methods; and test measures. Developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). (The requirements document is at the bottom of the page.)

User Experience Sub-Council (UX) Community of Practice

This interagency group is part of the Web Content Managers Forum, and meets by conference call monthly. Network with other user experience and web design staff and collaborate to develop usability resources. Open to government employees and government contractors (federal, state, local, and tribal) with .gov, .mil, or .edu addresses. Sponsored by the Federal Web Managers Council.

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