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GSA Fleet Solutions

GSA Fleet is dedicated to bringing customers innovative products and services to support their vehicle needs and fleet management requirements. These Fleet Solutions include; advanced technologies for GSA Fleet leased vehicles; alternative sources of vehicles; and tools to better manage these vehicles. Customers benefit from the convenience of a one stop shop for all fleet management related products and services. All Fleet Solutions are offered at cost without markup. Learn more about GSA Fleets products and services by following the links below.

When and where is my vehicle being used?
Vehicle Monitoring – The latest technology in vehicle monitoring equipment can help maximize the utilization of vehicles and improve safety by identifying poor and/or hazardous driving practices. GSA Fleet is excited to offer expanded vehicle monitoring solutions. GSA Fleet now offers 5 categories of vehicle monitoring, with multiple vendors, offering many more options and capabilities than before.

Can I get a vehicle for just a few days?
Short Term Rentals (STR) – This new rental program provides customers the option of renting vehicles to meet short term requirements or to replace vehicles that are out of service for accident or mechanical repairs. 

Are you or your drivers receiving a high number of toll road violations and accompanying fines?
Electronic Toll Collection Systems – There are a number of states that offer electronic passes that can be mounted in vehicles that electronically pay toll fees each time the vehicle passes through a toll booth.

What if I need an additional vehicle?
The 751 Schedule – This Schedule can be used to help customers that need additional vehicles. Vendors that are on the 751 Schedule compete with each other resulting in lower lease rates than traditional commercial leases. Leases are available for one, two, or three years. The goal is to provide a GSA Fleet vehicle once the 751 Schedule lease expires.

How can I become a safer driver?
Driver Training – A free on-line defensive driving course is available to all GSA Fleet customers. This four hour course was designed by the National Safety Council and is accessible through GSA Fleet Drive-thru. The course offers an engaging, interactive learning environment where drivers can analyze real driving situations, spot driving hazards, and identify the proper corrective actions. The goal is safer drivers, fewer accidents and injuries, and lower costs.

How can I review the cost and frequency of accidents in my fleet?
Collision Repair Accident & System History (CRASH) – The CRASH database provides GSA Fleet customers access to comprehensive data for all accidents their vehicles have been involved in. This information can be used to identify accident trends and understand the associated costs. CRASH is accessed through GSA Fleet Drive-thru.

What’s the easiest way to enter mileage for my vehicles?
Get Odometer Readings at the Pump (GORP) – GORP is GSA Fleet’s newest tool for reporting vehicle mileage. It electronically retrieves the mileage that is entered at the pump when using the Fleet Services Card to purchase fuel. This eliminates the need to manually report miles through Mileage Express or Dial-a-Mile. Contact the local Fleet Service Representative (FSR) to begin using GORP today.