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Travel Resources


GSA’s integrated travel programs offer a suite of cost-saving tools by using the purchasing power of the federal government.

E-Gov Travel Service (ETS) – governmentwide, web-based service to manage travel planning, reservations, authorizations, and reimbursements

Airline City Pair Program (CPP) : Information on U.S. airlines that provide governmentwide passenger and transportation services to over 7,500 domestic and international cities

  • CPP Search Tool – provides users with airfare information.  All fares are listed one-way and are valid in either direction


Travel Management Information Service (MIS) Group Travel Planning Tool – a data management service that aims to identify multiple data sources to support agency decision making and travel data utilization

Travel Services Solutions (TSS Schedule 599) – a multiple-award schedule offering contract travel agency and consulting services


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GSA Travel Resources help your agency meet its core missions by cutting waste and driving down prices, while delivering unprecedented value.

Per Diem Rates – GSA establishes the maximum per diem rates for federal travel customers

Travel Training - GSA offers a wide range of courses all over the country to help you travel smarter

Travel Manager Excellence Team senior professionals implementing best travel management practices at their agencies

  • Travel Manager Certification policy, practical management and travel spend training for professional travel managers at the GS-14 level and above

Conference Planning – tools for conference and meeting planners to arrange successful and efficient events






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