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Federal agency customers are required to buy environmentally-friendly products whenever possible. Executive Order 13514 requires 95 percent of new contracts to contain recycled content and sustainable materials. Other legislation, such as Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 23.204 also requires agencies to purchase environmental products and services.

GSA helps customer agencies meet environmental requirements by offering federal agencies thousands of green products. There are two ways to buy green products from GSA:

GSA Advantage!®’s Environmental Aisle offers thousands of individual green products to help federal agencies meet their unique needs.

GSA’s Global Supply™ is a one-stop source for requisition-based ordering, providing comprehensive, environmentally, compliant solutions. Agencies who order through GSA’s Global Supply are assured regulatory compliance, a single bill, and global delivery from a government source.

In most cases, vendors self-certify that their products meet environmental standards and market them with a variety of industry-established, eco-friendly symbols. 

Visit GSA Advantage!® for a listing of these symbols and their meanings. If there is a question about a particular product and how well it meets regulatory standards, customers are advised to contact the Schedule vendor for confirmation prior to placing an order.

Need More Information?

Learn more about the types of green products GSA offers below.

Energy Efficient Products
Save power with EnergyStar® and other energy-efficient products.

Recycled Content Products
Reduce waste by purchasing Environmental Protection Agency Consumer Product Guideline (CPG)-designated recycled products.

Water Efficient Products
Reduce water consumption with water-efficient products, such as WaterSense.

Bio-Based and Bio-Preferred Products
Biobased materials, like ethanol (corn-based), soy-based lubricants, bioplastics and other Bio-Preferred products, ensure sustainability.

Environmentally Preferable Products
Electronic products certified by the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT - this link leads to a nongovernment website) help reduce toxins and protect health.

Non-Ozone Depleting Substances
Purchase ozone-safe products to protect the earth’s atmosphere.



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Track and report spending on energy efficient and environmentally sustainable products at GSA Advantage!: Advantage Spend Analysis Program (ASAP).

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