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Email as a Service (EaaS)

GSA's Cloud EaaS blanket purchase agreements (BPAs) provide a broad range of Email as a Service solutions for government. You can speed up your acquisition of email services in the cloud, and save money by taking advantage of the pre-competed solutions already in place.

You can acquire email solutions in the cloud through 16 EaaS BPA industry partners. 


You can buy Email as a Service, Office Automation, Electronic Records Management, Migration Services, and Integration Services through the EaaS BPA. There are four delivery model options, including Government Community cloud, Private Cloud, Secret Enclave Cloud, and Public Cloud, providing you with the flexibility to choose, based on your organization's security needs. Visit the EaaS BPA Resources webpage to learn more about the services and features of the EaaS BPA. 

The EaaS offerings are available through five lots, as shown below. All industry partners provide Lots 1, 4, and 5. 

Lot Name Definition
Lot 1 – Email as a Service (EaaS) - Offers email service, calendar, contacts and collaboration (including Instant Messaging) on a per-mailbox basis.
- Includes mobile device integration (Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Windows), Archive & eDiscovery capabilities.
Lot 2 – Office Automation - Web conferencing.
- Video chat, unified communications, integration with Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP).
- Intranet website creation with user creatable content, document repository and wiki capabilities.
Lot 3 – Electronic Records Management - Integrates document management with email.
- Provides application programming interface (API) for records management needs and eDiscovery tools that efficiently search through archives and files.
Lot 4 – Migration Services - Migrate existing email system and data (mail, calendar, contacts).
- End user and administrator training.
- Services include migrating mobile users, integration with agency directory services, and project management of transition.
Lot 5 – Integration Services - Broad range of labor categories for development and technical maintenance for integration of applications, project management, and other integration work.

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Period of performance: September 1, 2012 to August 31, 2017. Contract details:

  • Five (5) year contract period: two (2) base years + three (3) one (1) year options
  • Task orders are firm fixed price units, and industry partners are encouraged to offer discounts/price reductions from their GSA Schedule contract prices on a task order basis

More price competition and lower costs

Industry partners offer detailed ceiling pricing for standard services defined as units, so you can easily compare price ceilings across the 17 industry partners. We encourage you to negotiate lower prices in our task order. 

Service Level Agreements (SLA) and more

Service providers are required to meet the SLA requirements specified in the solicitation, including service availability of 99.9 percent. Based on input from a 22-agency EaaS Working Group, the BPA requirements have been developed to help your agency buy EaaS. For example, the BPA offers services that meet the National Archives Records Administration (NARA) requirements for records management, and requirements for the Secret Enclave delivery model were developed with Department of Defense (DOD) input.

Pay-as-you-go subscriptions

Our industry partners offer the five essential characteristics of cloud computing: network access, resource pooling, on-demand self-service, rapid elasticity, and measured service. You can access your email over the Internet through any web browser, infrastructure can be quickly provided to you or scaled back, and the providers monitor your usage and charge you only for what you use. 

Available to all government customers

In addition to being available to federal customers, the EaaS BPA is also open to state, and local governments through the  Cooperative Purchasing Program.

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How to order

  • The EaaS BPA makes it easy to place an order using a Task Order 
  • Once you determine your scope and requirements, create your Statement of Objectives (SOO) or Statement of Work (SOW), and complete your Request for Quote (RFQ) package, issue your RFQ to the EaaS BPA industry partners
  • There are two options for issuing RFQs on the BPA:
    1. Issue an RFQ using GSA eBuy, an online RFQ tool

    2. Issue an RFQ by email using the points of contact on the EaaS BPA Industry Partner webpage
  • Visit the EaaS Resources webpage for more documents and templates to help you through the ordering process, including the Ordering Guide
  • If you want assistance with the ordering process, please send your request to

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  • Choose the deployment model (Government Community Cloud, Private Cloud, Secret Enclave Cloud, Public Cloud) that meets your agency's security needs. 
  • All EaaS BPA industry partners were required to submit an application to the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP), program for their EaaS solution. 
  • Agencies can order off the Blanket Purchase Agreement at any time and have the flexibility to grant their own ATO, if the FedRAMP control baseline and templates are used.
  • Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) are solely responsible for meeting the cost obligations associated with implementing, assessing, documenting and maintaining the FedRAMP control baseline.
  • The Government Community Cloud, Public Cloud and Private Cloud offerings require industry partners to meet the FedRAMP security control baseline for Moderate Impact systems. 
  • The Secret Enclave Cloud requires the High Impact level baseline plus additional controls for safeguarding classified data.

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Industry partners

There are seven groups of vendors based on type of delivery model and type of pricing (U.S. or Worldwide):

  • Government Community Cloud (U.S. Pricing)
  • Government Community Cloud (Worldwide Pricing)
  • Provider Furnished Private Cloud (U.S. Pricing)
  • Provider Furnished Private Cloud (Worldwide Pricing)
  • Secret Enclave Private Cloud (U.S. Pricing)
  • Public Cloud (U.S. Pricing)
  • Public Cloud (Worldwide Pricing)

Read more information about the EaaS BPA Industry Partners

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