Connections II Document Library

Ordering guidance

Name Format Size Publish date
Fair Opportunity Guide  PDF 338KB 04/16/2012
Pre-Solicitation Checklist  Word 44KB 10/12/2011
Customer Slides  PowerPoint 3,010KB 01/08/2014

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Delegation of Procurement Authority documents

Name Format Size Publish date
Delegation of Procurement Authority Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) PDF 275KB 04/16/2012
Eligibility to use GSA Sources of Supply and Services PDF 46KB 10/12/2011

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Statement of Work guidance

Name Format Size Publish date
Generic Example Statement of Work Word 44KB 10/12/2011
Performance-Based Example Statement of Work Word 76KB 10/12/2011
IPv6 Statement of Work (SOW) Template Word 1.25MB 09/13/2013
IPv6 Work Breakdown Chart PDF 229KB 09/23/2013
DNS Security SOW Template for Connections II Word 2MB 04/02/2014
Sample Request for Information (RFI) Outline for Connections II Word 64KB 04/24/2014
Connections II Unified Communications SOW Template Word 3.2MB 06/26/2014
Connections II Communications Cabling SOW Template Word 468KB 08/07/2014
Network OAM for Voice SOW Template Word 3.3MB 11/20/2014
Network Transition Support Template Word 3.3MB 03/20/2015
Managed Mobility SOW Template Word 684 KB 06/09/2015
Network Operations Admin Maintenance SOW Template Word 4.85 MB 08/11/2015
Distributed Antennae Systems (DAS) SOW Template Word 582 KB 11/16/2015

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Download the contract

Name Format Size Publish date
Connections II Cap On Associated Government Fee Memo PDF 28KB 09/13/2012
Connections II Tiered Fee Approach Memo PDF 91KB 09/22/2014
Section B
Pricing, CLIN structure, and mandatory labor categories
PDF 115KB 10/25/2011
Section C
Scope, equipment and services, and contract management
PDF 100KB 10/25/2011
Section D
Packing, storing, and removing equipment
PDF 21KB 10/25/2011
Section E
Applicable FAR clauses
PDF 25KB 10/25/2011
Section F
Place of performance and delivering services
PDF 34KB 10/25/2011
Section G
Authorized users, contract modifications, ordering procedures, administrative reports and meetings, billing, paying bills, program development, and ARRA information
PDF 68KB 10/25/2011
Section H
Special contract requirements, including small business goals and Section 508 compliance
PDF 73KB 10/25/2011
Section I
Applicable GSA Acquisition Manual clauses
PDF 97KB 10/25/2011
Section J
Labor categories and administrative reports formats
PDF 83KB 10/25/2011

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Marketing materials

Name Format Size Publish date
Connections II Brochure PDF 1,679KB 09/17/2015

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