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GSA Regional Administrator Takes Part in Portland's GoGreen '11 Conference

General Services Administrator George Northcroft spoke at the Portland GoGreen '11 conference, a one-day sustainability conference offering the best in green practices for business owners, leaders and decision-makers.   The October 4, 2011 conference included speakers from Nike, Intel Corporation, Wilamette University, Columbia Sportswear, the Portland Trailblazers and the Oregon House of Representatives.  Northcroft introduced a session on “Building The Business Case:  Measuring Progress Toward Sustainability Goal.”

Northcroft told the audiences that as the world's biggest landlord and purchaser of goods and services, the GSA has a special obligation to lead the shift to a green economy and is doing so by testing green technologies at Federal buildings across America, moving the Federal fleet to 50 percent alternative fuel vehicles and piloting electric vehicles, and incorporating sustainability requirements into government supply chain contracts.  As part of the event, conference organizers asked key speakers including Northcroft to blog about topics relevant to their industry and expertise.  The blog post was featured on the Portland Business Journal website.  

Click here for the blog post.


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