GSA Regional Administrator Becomes A Green Convert

Release Date: Dec. 2, 2011

GSA’s Northwest/Arctic Regional Administrator George Northcroft is a self-proclaimed convert on the topic of sustainability.

Shortly after coming to work for the federal agency in 2010, Northcroft learned about the innovative technologies and practices that GSA is using in all aspects of its business from constructing and managing federal properties to purchasing products and services. From automatically shutting down computers at night to converting the federal fleet to alternative fuel vehicles, Northcroft noticed that the government is leading the charge to help federal agencies make smart choices and reduce their environmental impact.

For example, in the past year alone, the GSA has doubled the number of hybrid vehicles across the government, replacing old cars with new, fuel-efficient ones. These purchases have led to a 25 percent increase in the fuel-efficiency of the fleet, saving taxpayers $9 million per year.

Through the 2009 Recovery Act, GSA’s Northwest/Arctic Region was able to introduce more than 1,000 new alternative fuel vehicles into government fleets in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington. In May 2010, GSA launched an electric vehicle pilot project that will bring 116 electric vehicles to eight cities across the country, including Auburn, Tacoma, and Vancouver, Washington.

Inspired by the tremendous green strides being taken at the office, Northcroft recently leased his own Nissan Leaf.

"I love it. Now I don’t just tell our federal customers about the green solutions they can implement," said Northcroft. "I can pull up to their office in my electric vehicle and show them I really mean business. Now that really makes a statement that I believe in what we’re doing at GSA. I’m a convert."

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