Instructional Videos and FAQs

Instructional Videos

These instructional videos will help you understand the Army Fee Assistance Program and apply for a benefit.  

Part I includes a program overview, eligibility requirements, GSA's role as administrator, the GSA website, and a description of the application process.

Part II provides a step-by-step walk-through of new enrollment and re-certification applications. It covers the forms and documentation requirements for standard and non-traditional applications.  The non-traditional application form is for Recruiters, Wounded Warriors, Survivors of Fallen Soldiers, and Respite Care for Deployed Sponsors. Please note the documentation requirements carefully; any missing documents or missing information on forms will delay a decision on your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may click on the link below to open a document that contains answers to many questions that are most commonly asked by Army families about applying, annual re-certification, provider invoicing and benefit payments,and enrollment changes such as adding a child, changing providers,provider rates or child attendance, and withdrawing from the program.  

AFA Program FAQs [PDF - 776.71 KB]

Last Reviewed 2016-04-20