GSA complies with OMB’s PortfolioStat reporting requirements by coordinating the:

GSA IT Strategic Plan
The GSA IT Strategic Plan defines the five year plan for where GSA will be moving to with our information technology in the near future. This document gets submitted annually to OMB as part of the PortfolioStat program.

IT Roadmap 
The IT Roadmap defines our current technical state, the future state, our transition to the future state, and the supporting programs necessary for an orderly planned execution. GSA has incorporated these perspectives into its strategy, and this IT Roadmap specifies and details how it will achieve the objectives of that strategy.

Integrated Data Collection (IDC)
In March 2013, OMB issued M-13-09 which instituted an IDC channel to report on progress in meeting IT strategic goals, objectives and metrics, as well as cost savings and avoidance resulting from IT management actions. The IDC draws draw on information previously reported under PortfolioStat, the FDCCI, the Federal Digital Government Strategy, quarterly Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) metrics, the Federal IT Dashboard, and selected human resource, financial management, and procurement information requested by OMB.

In March 2012, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) launched an initiative referred to as PortfolioStat to maximize the return on IT investments across the government’s IT portfolio. PortfolioStat is designed to drive down overall IT expenditures for the federal government. The PortfolioStat program assists agencies in assessing the maturity of their IT investment management process, eliminating duplicative investments, and moving to shared solutions (such as cloud computing) within and across agencies.


Last Reviewed 2016-08-02