How to Use HCaTS

The HCaTS Unrestricted and HCaTS Small Business contracts will help your agency acquire human capital and training solutions more efficiently and economically. There are two ways to access HCaTS:

  • Direct Acquisition: GSA issues a Delegation of Procurement Authority to the customer agency Ordering Contracting Officer (OCO) who performs the acquisition; or
  • Assisted Acquisition: OPM performs the acquisition on behalf of the customer agency and provides post-award support, as negotiated with the customer. An Inter-Agency Agreement is required.

Is HCaTS the right solution for you? Review the HCaTS Fact Sheet [PDF - 115 KB] or complete this survey to help you decide.

Direct Acquisition

Federal Contracting Officers must follow these steps to begin using HCaTS.

Request Delegation of Procurement Authority (DPA) training

The DPA establishes the Ordering Contracting Officer's (OCO's) roles and responsibilities. DPA training is a mandatory activity for Ordering Contracting Officers (OCO). This training is only provided to 1102 personnel and only warranted Contracting Officers (CO) are eligible to receive a DPA.

To get started, use the HCaTS Training Request Form (a single DPA will be issued for both HCaTS and HCaTS SB). In you are unable to access this form, please complete this form [PDF 1.2 MB] and submit your training requests to

After requesting a DPA:

  • GSA will review your training request, and if approved, will schedule training;
  • HCaTS CO will issue the Delegation of Procurement Authority once training is complete;
  • You will receive delegation confirmation within two to five business days from completion of training.
  • You will be able to issue task orders after receiving your DPA. The DPA will clearly define the roles and responsibilities between the HCaTS CO and the OCO.

How to Issue a Task Order

Task Orders for HCaTS Unrestricted and HCaTS Small Business are issued in accordance with FAR 16.5 procedures. Please see the HCATS Program Ordering Guide [PDF - 311.49 KB] for more assistance.

Assisted Acquisition

OPM’s HR Solutions’ Training and Management Assistance (TMA) Program provides full-service assisted acquisition services that enable you to access private sector experts in customized Strategic Human Capital Management, Training, and Organizational Performance Improvement. Using the HCaTS and HCaTS Small Business contracts, TMA specialists will partner with you to assist in drafting your Statement of Requirements and assemble a solid acquisition package. Contracting support services include solicitation, proposal evaluation, award, reporting, project management, invoice processing, audit support, and Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) services. For additional information please contact us at 202-606-0482 or

Last Reviewed 2016-10-04