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One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services (OASIS)

OASIS with Sun: One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services

GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) is developing a next generation contract vehicle for complex professional services. The vehicle will be designed to address agencies' needs for professional service requirements that:

  • Span multiple professional service disciplines; 
  • Contain significant IT components, but are not IT requirements in and of themselves;
  • Contain Ancillary Support components commonly referred to as ODCs;
  • Require flexibility for all contract types at the task order level including cost reimbursement; and
  • Any one or combination of all of the above.

OASIS will be able to provide both commercial and non-commercial services. The core disciplines of the contract will include program management services, management consulting services, logistics services, engineering services, scientific services, and financial services.

We will engage federal agencies and Industry in a collaborative process to identify the most advantageous structure for this contract and the best practices to incorporate into its design. Our goal is to create a contract vehicle that provides a total solution to agencies’ requirements while maximizing opportunities for small businesses.

Attention Industry!  

GSA’s OASIS Team invites industry members to join the OASIS Industry Community on GSA Interact. This online community will serve as a platform for collaboration and communication between industry partners and GSA during the development phase of OASIS. GSA is committed to maintain transparency, and ensure maximum participation by agencies and industry throughout this process. Join today and share your ideas! 

If you have any questions, please call the National Customer Service Center (NCSC) at (800) 488-3111 or direct your email inquiries to the Multiple Award Schedule Helpdesk at

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National Customer Service Center
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