Accounting and Reporting Services

GSA provides a full range of accounting services, which include U.S. Standard General Ledger (USSGL) reconciliation, disbursement processing, financial analysis, and regulatory and managerial reporting. GSA will prepare your financial statements and perform appropriated, reimbursable, and trust fund accounting functions. We will also explain financial reports to managers.

  • Full range of accounting services
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Perform appropriated, reimbursable and trust fund accounting functions
  • Annual SSAE16 Report

The GSA comprehensive Financial Management system allows the following functions to be performed for clients: accounts payable; accounts receivable; travel payments; relocation payments; collection of debts; delinquencies and surcharge fees; billing by automated or manual processes; and the preparation of daily cash deposits. GSA will provide these services at various levels of support, depending on your needs. In addition to reporting for the majority of fund types like Appropriated and Revolving Funds, GSA can provide accounting services that address a variety of unique reporting types, such as Trust, Grant, Special, and Gift fund reporting. We will ensure that our services are in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, OMB Circulars, Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board (FASAB) and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

GSA can monitor client funds and prepare internal, external and ad hoc accounting reports. Some of the reports prepared include the following:

  • Federal Financial Statements (OMB Circular A-136)
  • SF 133 - Report on Budget Execution and Budgetary Resources
  • Treasury FACTS I and FACTS II reporting
  • Treasury Report on Receivables (TROR)
  • Intragovernmental Fiduciary Confirmation System (IFCS)
  • Treasury’s Government wide Financial Report System (GFRS)
  • OMB MAX A-11 (Budgetary Reporting)
  • Government wide Treasury Account Symbol Adjusted Trial Balance System (GTAS)
  • Various reports required by the Office of Management and Budget
  • Reports for Congress
Last Reviewed 2015-12-23