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E-Gov Travel & Support Services

E-Gov Travel Systems are governmentwide, web-based services that apply world-class travel management practices to consolidate federal travel, minimize cost and produce superior customer satisfaction. The E-Gov Travel program is commercially hosted to minimize technology costs to the government and guarantee refreshed functionality. From travel planning and authorization to reimbursement, this end-to-end service streamlines travel management and will enable the government to capture real time visibility into the buying choices of travelers and assist agencies in optimizing their travel budgets while saving taxpayers money.

  • Travel Management Services available 24/7
  • Voucher Processing
  • Travel-related Accounting Support Services
  • Implementation and Continuous Systems Support
  • Training and Instructional Manuals
  • Service Desk Support
  • Vendor Management Services
  • Electronic Reimbursement Notification

GSA offers CWT Sato Travel’s end-to-end travel management application, E2 Solutions, as its E-Gov Travel system. E2 Solutions is a web-based system used for travel authorizations, booking of flights, rooms, cars, and vouchering for reimbursement. E2 Solutions is fully integrated with the GSA financial management system to allow for quick, convenient payments to travelers and our GSA SmartPay2 vendors.

Benefits of Using GSA and its E2 Solutions Service Provider:

  • Travel planning and cost estimating - Self-service and assisted travel planning, reservation, and cost estimating capabilities are available. Government rates are provided for services such as airline flights, hotel rooms, and rental cars.
  • Travel authorization - The Federal Travel Authorization for temporary duty (TDY) travel includes detailed itinerary and costing information and calculates estimated authorized per diem in accordance with Federal Travel Regulation (FTR) 301-11.
  • Reservations - The self-service and the assisted reservation booking capability creates reservations that comply with appropriate federal and agency travel policies.
  • Travel Agent Services - Comprehensive reservation and fulfillment services, both online and agent-assisted.
  • Filing, processing, and approving official travel claims - The creation and electronic routing of travel vouchers used to claim reimbursable expenses for official travel is supported.
  • Travel Reimbursement Data - E2 Solutions integrates with the GSA Financial Management System to allow payments to be made directly to travelers. Employees are notified via email as to the dollar amount paid, the date of deposit, and the bank account where the deposit was made.
  • Reporting, data exchange, and more - Standard reports include those listed in the FTR Section 300-70 and Chapter 304. Additionally, we provide stored queries for all travel data elements.
  • Service Desk - Additional technical support is available for troubleshooting E2 questions.

Michael Swanchara, Director
Federal Integrated Solutions Center
U.S. General Services Administration
1800 F St NW
Washington, DC 20405

Phone: 202-501-1905


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