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Travel Reporting Information Profile (TRIP)

General Reporting Guidelines.
Data must be entered into the TRIP reporting tool by December 15 for the previous fiscal year.

Must my agency report?
Yes, if your agency spent $5 million or more for travel in the previous fiscal year for all travel (domestic/international), then your agency must report to GSA.

What is negative reporting?
If an agency does not spend $5 million in TDY travel it is still required to submit a negative report. Negative reporting is accomplished via the TRIP reporting tool.  

How often must my agency report?
TRIP is an annual reporting requirement and will be collected at the end of the fiscal year, by December 15.  

What is the scope of the travel data my agency must provide?
All data must represent total agency travel expenditures to the greatest extent possible. This includes all travel performed through ETS vendors, and any travel that has occurred outside ETS vendors.  The report is for summary data only, no detailed transaction data to support the summary will be collected.

  1. The data collected includes travel by purpose codes for Emergency, Mission, Special Agency Mission, Conference (other than training) and Training. Including costs for all transportation modes, and lodging.
  2. All Temporary Duty (short term and long term) costs and counts will be reported.
  3. Exclude any permanent change of station / relocation costs or counts.
  4. TRIP reports on all agency TDY including overseas travel to foreign areas.

May my agency expect support from GSA in preparing this report?
As the TRIP Report was being developed, GSA/ FAS Center for Travel Management was proactively working with OGP and the two TRIP working groups to identify business process that would assist Agencies in extracting required information from ETS vendors voucher data. Recognizing that customers may have multiple ways to address TRIP, our approach tested the model with several Agencies and it was determine this information is available through reports from your ETS provider.

What is the TRIP reporting tool?
TRIP is a Web based tool designed to assist agencies with submitting their annual travel information. It provides a secure and safe environment for the data entry and approval processes, similar to the PCTR and the SFTR.  This tool was designed in partnership with the Department of Energy’s, Idaho National Laboratories.

How do I gain access to the reporting tool?
User access is controlled by GSA.   Please contact Cheryl McClain at for access information.   Please click TRIP reporting tool for a link to the reporting tool.

What do authorities require GSA to collect this data?
Title 5 U.S.C. 5707 (c) sets the requirements for GSA to report to the Office of Management and Budget on agency travel spend.  This statute is implemented via the Federal Travel regulations 41 CFR Part 300-70, agency reporting requirements.


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