Labor Distribution System

GSA’s Labor Distribution System (LDS) receives labor data from ETAMS and payroll costs from PAR to provide labor costs reporting on client-designated projects. Reporting can be done on various levels and combinations including: Projects, Tasks (Actions), individual employees, groups, etc.) As an added feature, a client may also opt to have a cost-account file created to interface with their accounting system.

With Labor Distribution you can...

  • Record allocated labor accruals and commitments into an accounting system
  • Run analysis reports
  • View and Download Reports
  • View impact of charges on programs
  • Meet Program Costing Requirement
  • Customize or build detailed queries downloadable to Excel

Key System Features

  • Allows reporting on vairous levels and combinations including: projects, tasks (actions), and individual employees, groups, etc.
  • Using ETAMS as the front end eliminates the need of re-entering data into a cost-based system and accounting system with the accounting system interface.
  • Merges an employee’s payroll file and reported labor hours to create a file of distributed labor costs which aids in the production of the financial report at the conclusion of each payroll calculation process
  • Retains detailed historical cost data for a minimum of two years.
  • Complies with the Federal Regulatory requirements for management of labor cost distribution data.
  • Used in conjunction with the Electronic Time and Attendance Management System (ETAMS) application.
  • Accessed securely via Internet/Intranet environment
Last Reviewed 2015-09-10