Sample Technology Statements of Work (SOWs)

Alliant Governmentwide Acquisition Contract (GWAC)

The Alliant documents below are categorized by the enterprise architecture model they align with.

Statement of work type Format Size Publish date
Application Services PDF 191KB 05/09/2011
Application Services and Component Framework PDF 130KB 05/09/2011
Application Services: Customer Services PDF 151KB 05/09/2011
Application Services: E-mail Cloud PDF 47KB 08/25/2011
Application Services: Enterprise Cloud PDF 46KB 08/25/2011
IT Management Services: IT Security PDF 165KB 05/09/2011
Managed Mobility Service PDF 1808KB 11/22/2013
Planning and Resource Allocation: Enterprise Architecture PDF 152KB 05/09/2011
Service Access and Delivery and Service Interface & Integration: Software Development PDF 137KB 05/09/2011
Service Platform and Infrastructure PDF 210KB 05/09/2011
Service Platform and Infrastructure: IT Services PDF 391KB 05/09/2011
Service Platform and Infrastructure: System and Database Architecture PDF 192KB 05/09/2011
Service Platform, Infrastructure, Service Interface and Integration PDF 210KB 05/09/2011
Software Application and Web-Based Service Interface PDF 712KB 10/16/2013
Software Service Platform and Infrastructure - Business Management Services PDF 368KB 10/16/2013

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Connections II

Connections II meets federal agencies' telecommunications equipment, labor, building, and campus infrastructure solution needs.

Statement of work type Format Size Publish date
IPv6 Template Word 1.2MB 1/04/2014
IPV6 Work Breakdown Chart PDF 229KB 09/23/2013
DNS Security SOW Template for Connections II Word 2MB 04/02/2014
Generic Example Statement of Work Word 43KB 10/12/2011
Performance-Based Example Statement of Work (SOW) Word 76KB 10/12/2011
Unified Communications SOW Template Word 3.2MB 06/16/2014
Connections II Communications Cabling SOW Template Word 468KB 08/07/2014
Connections II Managed Mobility SOW Template Word 684KB 06/09/2015
Network OAM for Voice SOW Template Word 3.3MB 08/19/2015
Network Operations Admin Maintenance SOW Template Word 4.8MB 08/19/2015

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Cloud EaaS BPA

Agencies can get EaaS using a BPA through industry partners who offer email, office automation, records management, migration services and integration services.

Statement of work type Format Size Publish date
Sample Statement of Work (SOW) Word 5KB 9/23/2013

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Cloud IaaS BPA 

Agencies can get IaaS using a BPA through 12 industry partners who offer cloud storage, virtual machines, and web hosting with an Authority to Operate (ATO) at the FISMA moderate-impact level.

Statement of work type Format Size Publish date
IaaS BPA Sample Statement of Objectives Word 48KB 09/24/2013

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IT Schedule 70

Government (including state and local government) can get almost any technology product or service they need through GSA's Schedule 70.

Statement of work type Format Size Publish date
Federal Health Database Software Maintenance and Enhancement Word 327KB 07/19/2012
Schedule 70 Statement of Work, Performance Work Statement, and Task Order PDF 329KB 08/17/2012

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