Performance Improvement Council (PIC)

The PIC, composed of the Performance Improvement Officers (PIOs) of Federal agencies and departments, as well as senior officials from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), collaborates to improve the performance of Federal programs.  The PIC facilitates information exchange among agencies, including methods to assess problems and opportunities; plan and set priorities; identify, adopt, and promote proven practices; adjust actions quickly based on ongoing assessments of experience; monitor and reduce risks; and report candidly and concisely to key stakeholders to accelerate agency and program performance improvements.


Goal Setting, Measurement/Analysis, Reviews and Delivery: The PIC provides support to agency Performance Improvement Officers and other program officials to facilitate development of cross-agency and agency goals, including Priority Goals.  The PIC also supports implementation planning and coordination on cross-cutting performance areas, including working with OMB, policy councils, and agencies on the Cross-Agency Priority (CAP) Goals.

Best Practice Sharing and Capacity Building:  The PIC delivers services for Federal Agencies that deepen performance improvement capability and facilitate sharing of effective practices.  This includes the Performance Enthusiasts/Ambassadors program and in-person training program offerings to meet demand from agency staff.  The PIC also leads cross-agency working groups on areas such as goal setting, agency performance reviews, and capability building to improve agency performance management capacity.  These working groups allow agency leaders from across the Federal Government to collaborate and benchmark best practices and lessons learned that strengthen data-driven management and informed decision making.  Finally, the PIC is establishing a Collaboration Studio to bring teams together and facilitate engagements that can spark cross-cutting performance improvements.


Last Reviewed 2015-12-01