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President’s Management Council (PMC)

The PMC advises the President and OMB on government reform initiatives, provides performance and management leadership throughout the Executive Branch, and oversees implementation of government-wide management policies and programs. The PMC comprises the Chief Operating Officers of major Federal Government agencies, primarily Deputy Secretaries, Deputy Administrators, and agency heads from the GSA and the OPM. The PMC also sponsors the President’s Management Advisory Board (PMAB), which provides private sector guidance and recommendations on improving federal government management and operations.


The President’s Management Advisory Board (PMAB):  The PMAB develops recommendations on effective strategies for implementation of best business practices on matters related to Federal Government management and operations, with a particular focus on productivity, technology, and customer service.  In recent years, the PMAB has helped the federal government achieve significant improvements in IT investments, development training for Senior Executive Service members, improper payments, and strategic sourcing.

Cross-Cutting Performance and Management Initiatives: The PMC focuses on identifying and adopting best practices government-wide, particularly those that require cross-functional coordination. The PMC coordinates with the other Executive Councils to gather insights from subject matter experts, streamline policy development, and facilitate initiatives in targeted cross-agency areas.

Enhanced Collaboration: The PMC works with other Executive Councils to design and develop interagency collaboration tools, such as processes, techniques, and technologies that foster efficiency and streamline common business practices.


President’s Management Council (PMC)